Diseases of the veins in the leg are often caused by hereditary factors but also overweight, pregnancy, inborn defects in the connective tissue, standing or sedentary work and lack of excercise.  In the heat of summer the problems increase.  Swollen ankles, heavy legs, pain and inflammation are often caused by weak veins.

Veins are blood vessels that transport the blood back to the heart.  In contrast with arteries, through which the blood is being pumped away from the heart, the blood in the veins moves back to the heart through the sucking effect of the heart and the muscle movements in the vessle's walls.  Through contraction of these muscles, the veins are squeezed together; little shutters inside the veins work as valves and only allow the blood to move up and towards the heart.

In most cases of weak veins there is a loss of tone.  The muscles in the walls of the veins lose their tension and elasticity while the bigger superficial veins of the legs widen.  Thus the shutters in the veins cannot close properly any more and lose their valve function bit by bit.  The transport of the blood back to the heart functions only with difficulty, blood accumulates in the superficial veins of the legs, which shows as blueish bulges in the calfs and thighs.  In more severe cases the pressure on the deeper, undamaged veins and valves increases considerably.  This causes this group of veins to be overstrained and thus the problem increases.  Through the reduced velocity with which the blood returns to the heart, the acidity of the blood increases and the walls of the veins and the tissue are damaged.  As the metabolism is also affected, the risk of inflammation and thrombosis increases.

The combination of three active substances improves the return of blood through the veins.  It is recommended to apply these natural substances as well internally in form of tabletts as well as externaly in form of an ointment.




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