Ginkgo and Magnesium a useful combination of active substances

How fit you feel as you get older depends mostly on the condition of your heart, circulation and brain.  Forgetfulness, concentration problems, higher irritability, aggressiveness, rapid tiring, nausea, tinnitus and a lowering of joy of living can all be caused by a narrowing of the blood vessels (e.g. arteriosclerosis) leading to the brain.  The brain only makes up 3% of the body's weight uses about 22% of all the oxygen the body has at its disposal.  Through a narrowing of the vessels the oxygen supply to the brain is often obstructed, which normally causes a decrease of brain function.

Changes in the blood vessels already begin to appear at the age of 35, without the person noticing.  Beside other factors, there might be also be a hereditary tendency towards this sort of disease.  For that reason, prevention is very essential for people with such a tendency, as especially in the early stages the effect of natural remedies is most noticeable.  In supplementing a health-conscious way of life with the regular intake of Ginkgo biloba extracts, one can stimulate the circulation and improve the oxygen supply to the brain.

The ginkgo tree (ginkgo biloba), which can reach a heigth of 40 meters, is related to our conifers.  It comes from China and Japan, where it has always been cultivated as a temple tree.  For the application as a natural remedy, an extract of the ginkgo leaves is made.  The active substances of the ginkgo leaves improve the circulation, because it widens especially the deep-seated middle and smaller arteries and thus improves the micro-circulation in the brain and other organs.  On top of that it speeds up the velocity of the blood flow in the capillaries and stimulates the formation of by-pass arteries.

Magnesium is a mineral that plays a key role in the metabolism.  With normal daily nourishment the need of magnesium is only partially filled.  Because of the intensive cultivation of the soil and acid rain, even in a varied diet the magnesium supply is not sufficient.  The vital mineral magnesium feeds and relaxes the heart, nerves, muscles and blood vessels and improves the oxygen absorption in the brain and other organs.





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Ginkgo and Magnesium
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