The precious substances contained in hawthorn (cartaegus) and ginger (zingiber) always produce a calming effect on people who are susceptible to weather and its side effects such as weather related headaches, dizziness, and migraine.  These complaints are normally the results of a stricture or dilatation of the blood vessels;  these changes in the vessels are often caused by a heightened sensitivity to pressure changes in the atmosphere. It is also a well known remedy in case of motion sickness, and has already be used by sailors many hundred years ago.

The combination of the biological substances ginger and hawthorn strengthens the body in cases of constitutional weakness and unstable blood circulation.  The active substances are readily absorbed by the buccal mucous membrane, and thus the effect on the organism is almost immediate.

Ginger and hawthorn is the ideal natural remedy to have always at hand for persons who suffer headaches, dizziness, and migraine.













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Ginger and Hawthorn
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