The natural antibiotic

Indian Cress is a wide-spread garden plant, originally from Peru.  Its seeds were brought to Europe in the 16th century by the Spanish.  It rapidly became a popular climbing plant in gardens and on balconies.  Its yellow, orange and red flowers are on display all summer long.

Even in the olden days a wide range of wounds (including already infected ones) were treated in Peru with fresh leaves from Indian cress.  The herb was also used in case of infections of the lungs and the urinal system.

After the discovery of antibiotics, many different substances were used to treat infections.  It was only in 1952 that the centuries old appreciation of Indian Cress as a healing plant was scientifically confirmed.  Very volatile wide range antibiotic substances were discovered, the main effect of which is putting the defence mechanism of the body into action.

Ever since then Indian Cress has been rightly considered as a herbal antibiotic, fighting infections of the kidneys, bladder, urine conduct, lungs, respirational system and flu type infections.







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Indian Cress
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