Arteriosclerosis and the related circulation problems are one of the most frequent diseases suffered by people who are getting older.  As a consequence of the ageing processes of life, the walls of the blood vessels loose their smoothness and in many places tiny little cracks will appear.  Calcium, fat and other substances present in the blood will settle in these cracks and bit by bit build up sedimentary deposits.  This is why arteriosclerosis is also known as "hardening of the arteries".  The sediment of these substances makes the vessels narrower, which obstructs the blood flow.  Because the same amount of blood has to be pumped through narrower vessels, the pressure in the vessels increases.  Meanwhile the provision of fresh blood, i.e. blood that is full of oxygen and nutrition, to the tissues, brain, heart and other organs, decreases.  Thus the narrowing of the coronary artery leads to blood starvation of the heart muscle, which automatically leads to a decrease of the capacity of the heart to do its work.

The origin and spread of arteriosclerosis depends on the one hand on hereditary factors in each individual, on the other on outside influences.  For example, it is known that taking nicotine and alcohol, unhealthy eating habits and stress situations do represent serious risks.  The treatment of arteriosclerosis therefore exists mostly of changing one's habits in the first place.  One should abstain from animal fats, reduce smoking and drinking (alcohol), avoid stress situations and take daily physical exercise, such as going for walks.

In natural healing, effective substances are known that will tackle the typical problems of arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and the heart that has been working a life time.

Garlic (allium sativum) contains over 75 substances, one of the most important being Allicin, which widens the blood vessels and protects against sediments on the vessel walls, and thus acts against arteriosclerosis.  Existing fat sediments on the vessel walls can be dissolved, which means that garlic does not only prevent, but also cleans already narrowed arteries.

Olive Tree Leaves (Olea europea) extract has in recent times become more and more interesting as a natural remedy.  Especially its supporting the effect of lowering blood pressure has been widely supported by scientific studies.  Other studies showed an improvement in the elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels and the fluidity of the blood itself as well as a calming influence on a nervous heart.  In addition to other elements a bitter tasting substance called oleuropeine was found to be the most important active ingredient. 

Hawthorn (crataegus monogyna) has been known for a long time to strengthen the heart.  The crataegus elements improve the circulation in the heart muscle considerably.  Hawthorn has its main effects on symptoms of old age in the coronary arteries of the heart.  The heart can only function well if the oxygen supply to the coronary arteries and the heart muscle is adequate.  Hawthorn increases the supply of fresh highly oxygenated blood and thus enables the heart to improve both capacity and strength.



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