A building stone for brain and nerves

Lecithine is a pure, natural product that is obtained from plant oils, mainly soya oils.  Especially organs with a high metabolism, such as the brain, use a lot of Lecithine.  20 to 25% of the dry component of the brain consists of the phospholipins contained in lecithine.  These phospholipins play an important role in the metabolism of the cells and are integral to all life processes.  They help with the transmission of information between nerve cells and form the base for regular functioning of the central nerve system.  Lecithine has long been known as providing nutrition to the nerves, but only lately have  international investigations proven that lecithine can be applied successfully in cases of decreasing brain power and in the early stages of Alzheimer disease.

Other metabolic functions are also carried out by components of lecithine.  It improves the metabolism of the liver and the composition of your blood, and thus prevents arteriosclerosis.  In cases of nervousness, exertion and premature fatigue, lecithine has a stimulating effect and shortens the time needed to recuperate.  It improves the memory capacity, helps with concentration problems and improves mental vitality.









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