Minerals are important to the structure of the body; they need to be available at all times for the making and maintenance of our cells.

Minerals, also known as electrolytes, are essential nutritional components of our diet that cannot be produced by the body itself. Their most important functions are to regulate our fluid balance and the working of our kidneys, to maintain the sensitivity to stimuli in heart and muscles, to maintain the equilibrium between alkaloids and acids, to activate enzymes and to provide the mineral content of our bones and teeth.

The human body cannot produce a single mineral and is completely dependent on its intake through our diet.  A large proportion of the minerals that are taken in with our food are lost through the skin (perspiration), urine or faeces.

Our daily need for minerals depends on our general health, sex, age and activities of the person in question. Soil that has been leached, conservation and other additives to our food, the wrong diet, losses through cooking, too much alcohol or nicotine, stress and many other negative factors cause a shortage of minerals in many people.

The human body can survive a shortage of vitamins much better than a shortage of minerals. It needs minerals as much as it needs oxygen. Even a small change in the balance of minerals in the body can cause symptoms associated with a shortage of minerals. After a long period more serious effects result, which often need extensive treatment.

As we get older, all our tissues are subject to a shortage of minerals. That is why it is recommended that our daily diet is supplemented by mineral preparates, especially when there is a shortage of a specific mineral or when suffering from osteoporosis, during development in the growth period of children, during pregnancy, when following special and slimming diets, in cases of diabetes and when participating in sport or carrying out heavy manual labour.







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