The olive tree or Olea europea is an ancient cultivated plant from the Mediterranean.  The olive branch has from ancient times been regarded as a symbol of peace and welfare.  The ever-green tree has eliptical leaves that are grey green on the upper and silver white on the lower surface;  they fall off after two years.  For centuries, olives and the olive oil they yield have been part of the basic diet of the people living round the Mediterranean.

More recently, science has become more and more interested in the leaves of the olive tree.  The first scientific analysis was carried out in the sixties and it was found that the etheric oil found in the leaf has a positive influence on the blood vessels and the coronaries and thus on the working of the heart as well as the immune system.

In addition to other elements a bitter tasting substance called oleuropeine was found to be the most important active ingredient.  Meanwhile many positive results were posted on the use of olive tree leaf extract.  Especially the effect of lowering blood pressure was found to be important, which, in agreement with other scientific studies, was based on the choline-like substances found in olive tree leaves.  Other studies showed an improvement in the elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels and the fluidity of the blood itself as well as a calming influence on a nervous heart.

Sugar levels were also lowered slightly under influence of olive tree leaf extract and thus the extract can also be used as part of the treatment of diabetics.  In addition it has been shown that the extract helps strengthen the immune system in its struggle against infections and an ever increasing number of bacteria and viruses.  Olive tree leaf is being used increasingly in the naturopathy world as an easily tolerated remedial plant.









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Olive Tree Leaves
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