Red clover (Trifolium pratense) is found throughout Europe.  It grows in meadows, fields and way sides.  For centuries it was used as animal fodder.  As a herbal remedy, red clover is especially valued because of its secondary vegetable contents.  It contains vegetable hormones, also called phyto hormones or phyto oestrogenes.

The effect of vegetable oestrogenes on the treatment of menopausal problems has often been demonstrated.  They provide an alternative to the conventional hormone therapy with its considerable side effects.

The well-known menopausal problems of the female body are the result of the lowering of oestrogene levels.  Starting as early as the 40th year of life, the production of oestrogene in many women starts slowing down till about six years later the menopause starts.  At this point the production of oestrogene has reached its lowest level and stays at this level till advanced old age.  Many women experience the reduction of oestrogene levels as bothersome as it is often accompanied by unpleasant side effects such as hot flushes, disturbed sleep, dizziness, changing moods, irritability, low concentration and psychic fluctuations.

The isoflavones found in red clover have a similar effect on menopausal problems as have the soya-isoflavones and black cohosh (also known as black snakeroot) or Cimicifuga racemosa and again do not cause unwanted side effects.  The combination of these three active ingredients has been found especially effective in cases of existing menopausal problems. .

Red clover doesn't in fact only diminish problems during the menopause.  The phyto hormones in red clover are also important for skin and hair.  They help the cells to regenerate and to store fluid and they also help to keep up the level of the collagens in the skin so that it stays firm and elastic.

Changes in the hormone content as a result of the menopause can cause the skin to become thinner and drier so that it forms wrinkles at an early stage.  Again, a slight loss of hair and the thinning out of the hair structure can be caused by changes in the hormone system.  Natural phyto hormones derived from red clover, soya and black cohosh have shown their value as a natural and wholesome alternative in dealing with menopausal problems.





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Red Clover
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