Because of her monthly cycle and her menopause, the body of a woman is subject to exceptional changes in the hormonal balance, often causing unpleasant symptoms.

Pre-menstrual tension (PMT) is caused in most cases by the increase in the amount of oestrogen and the decrease in progesteron. These changes in the hormonal balance start some 3 to 8 days before menstruation and can lead to such well-known symptoms as changeable moods, irritation, sensitive breasts, depression and tension.

At menopause the production of oestrogen is slowed down and ovulation occurs at ever increasing intervals until it eventually ceases completely. Because the whole hormonal balance changes radically, some 80% of all woman at their menopause develop symptoms such as pain, tiredness, changeable mood, depression and being short tempered.

Women who suffer from the symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance can take natural remedies to counteract the unwanted effects and thus minimise the typical problems associated with the menopause and the menstrual cycle. In particular, taking gamma-lynolic acid and members of the vitamin B group can help the female body reach hormonal balance.

Gamma-lynolic acids are poly-unsaturated fatty acids which act as building blocks and continue to influence metabolic processes within the body to extreme old age. Vegetable oils such as those pressed from the evening primrose, borage and black currant seeds contain a high percentage of gamma-lynolic acid. Gamma-lynolic acids stimulate complex biological metabolic processes within the body. They have a physiological effect, stimulate general well being and enhance concentration, endurance and the enjoyment of life. In addition they support the skin's metabolic process and work from inside as a beauty aid.

Vitamin E, biotine, folic acid and a compound of the B vitamin group also help to smooth out hormonal imbalance. In addition, biotine and folic acid help to maintain strong hair and nails.

Especially during menstruation and at menopause, but also when taking anticonception pills, the need to take in a number of vital substances develops and thus it becomes important to supplement the normal daily diet with the special substances mentioned previously. Besides the B vitamins it is through adding the oil from the evening primrose, borage and black currant seeds - all of which contain a high percentage of gamma-lynolic acids - to her daily diet that the woman's body continues to retain its hormonal balance until old age.




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