Vitamins are vital substances that cannot be produced by the body itself and must thus be taken in our food.  A shortage of vitamins only shows over a longer period because the organism can store vitamins for a limited period, to be used in case new supplies from outside are interrupted.  That is why specific signs of shortage mostly occur only after some time.  Irritabilaty, loss of appetite or chronic tiredness are often seen as the onset of old age and not recognised as signs of vitamin shortage.  In many cases, especially with the elderly, there is a shortage of one or other vitamin B.

The various vitamins B activate a multitude of biological functions: they improve the metabolism of cells and support the transmission of information along nerve cells.

Vitamins B are essential to many of the body's functions.  A course of vitamin B should be taken for quick recuperation after loss of energy, against nerve pains, against chronic pains in the back and stomach and to support the brain's nervous system.

Effects and deficiency symptoms of B-vitamins


Important for

Deficency symptoms

Vitamin B1

important for the conducting signals along nerves, functioning of the nervous system, metabolism of carbohhydrates

deficiency symptoms, disordered nerves, loss of appetite, tiredness, memory disturbance and loss of concentration, irritability

Vitamin B2

energy production, vision, general anabolic processes, healthy skin

dry and inflamed skin, over-sensitive to light

Vitamin B3

fat and energy metabolism, immunity system, destruction of poisounous matter

nerve damage, skin alergies

Vitamin B6

protein and nerve metabolism, production of skin, blood and anti-bodies

loss of appetite, nervous inflamations

Vitamin B9

hormone and blood production

anaemia, hair growth disturbances, inflamations of the skin

Vitamin B12

blood production, construction of the nervous sheath

diseases of the marrow in the spine, anaemia, disturbances of the metabolism of the liver




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Vitamin B
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