Vitamin E in its natural form is generally be found in plant oils extracted from wheat germ, sunflower seeds, nuts and maize.

Vitamin E is our most important fat-soluble antioxydant.  It neutralises the aggressive compound molecules - usually known as free radicals - that occur during oxygen transfer processes.  These free radicals can obstruct the functioning of the cells of the body, because they change the protein structure of the cell and damage the genetic substances or the fatty acids in the walls of the cell.  Every cell must resist many such attacks by free radicals every day.  This oxidation stress is caused by environmental pollution, unhealthy living patterns such as taking in nicotine and alcohol, by smog and halogen combinations with energetic radiation, and lastly by overstraining the body.  The body defends itself from the attack by free radicals with an antioxydant enzyme protective system.  However, often the strain from outside is stronger than the body's protective system can take.  Antioxydants such as vitamin E strenghten the ability of the cell to protect itself.  They restrain and pin down free radicals before they can penetrate the cells.

Vitamin E protects the body's cells against premature ageing symptoms and improves functioning.  It also improves circulation of the blood and distribution of oxygen in the whole organism.  Energy is used more efficiently and the cells are protected against both too rapid wear and tear and general symptoms of fatigue.

Vitamin E also has a positive effect on the metabolism of the skin.  It improves blood circulation in the fibrous tissue, thus making it fresh, smooth and resistant.  Through its many positive influences on the metabolism of the cells and thus of the whole organism vitamin E contributes to a high degree to the body's general health and resilience right up to advanced old age.  A properly calibrated vitamin E regime is therefore of great importance to our health and general well-being.






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Vitamin E
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