Wu-Wei-Zi (Schisandra chinensis), also known as Schisandra, is mainly found in North China and Japan. Its fruit was already cultivated during the Chinese Hang dynasty and belongs to the oldest and most effective healing plants found in China. The thorny climbing plant can grow to a height of 8 meters. Late in spring it displays fragrant white to cream-coloured flowers. On the female plants these develop into red aromatic fruits that are harvested in the autumn. The name Wu-Wei-Zi means "fruit with 5 tastes" , because the pulp and the peel taste sweet and sour, the seeds sharp, bitter and salty. In China it was mainly appreciated for its tonic effect on the libido, and also as an anti-depressant.

More recent studies indicate that Wu-Wei-Zi can be utilised in the treatment of disturbances in the circulation of the blood and the deposit of fat and calcium compounds in the blood vessels. The deposition of fat and calcium compounds on the inside of the arteries causes a narrowing of the blood vessels and the formation of the dangerous plaques that are considered to be the main cause of heart attacks and strokes.

New test results from the scientist Dr. Andrew Chevallier, blood vessel specialist at Middlesex University in England, mention the fruit of the Wu-Wei-Zi as a plant that in Eastern Asia has been applied since ancient times for therapeutic use. These plant extracts can apparently dissolve a portion of the plaques and calcium deposits, and thus make them harmless.

Pommegranates contain a big quantity of ellagic acids. Studies show that ellagic acids play an important role in the treatment of arteriosclerosis.  In addition, ellagic acid is an important anti-oxidant. Wu-Wei-Zi and pommegranate reinforce each other in their effects.







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WuWeiZi and Pommgranate
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