Zinc is an essential trace element fulfilling many functions in the human organism.  It is an important building block in the metabolic process and the natural immunity system of the body.

Zinc deficiency can manifest itself in different ways, for example in eczema, healing problems in open wounds, memory problems, low immunity, hair loss, irregularities in the nails, caries, stomach diseases and nervous problems.

Investigations confirm that, especially in the elderly, zinc deficiency is often encountered.  The daily intake of zinc in this age group lies between 7 and 11 mg, which is clearly too low: recommended is an intake of 15 mg a day.  A multitude of causes for widespread zinc deficiency exists.  Some of them are: insufficient intake of zinc through an inadequate diet, a lowered ability to absorb zinc or an increased rate at which zinc is lost, caused by illnesses that occur more frequently in the elderly.  Diabetic people often suffer from zinc deficiency.

A supplementary intake of zinc by people of advanced age is therefore highly recommended.











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